Frequently Asked Questions

1. Where do we shoot our session?

I am an on-location photographer and shoot all my sessions using natural light. All sessions are usually shot outdoors, with the exception of newborn sessions.  As a natural light photographer, I need to shoot your session at a location where there is good natural light, so I can create the most beautiful images for you. With that in mind, the location is your choice! For a two hour session, as many as 2 locations can be included as long as they are within reasonable driving distance from one another. Please note that there is an extra travel fee for locations more than 20 miles from downtown Dallas, TX.

Newborn sessions are shot conviently at your home! There is no need to leave your home, unless you would like to. We can do some outdoor photos at your home if you choose, considering weather is comfortable for baby.

2. What time will our session be?

I need ample natural sunlight to create beautiful photos for you. Since most of my sessions are outside, we will need shaded areas and no direct sunlight that would cause harsh shadows and squints. Therefore, most of my sessions are scheduled 2 hours before sunset to take advantage of the best possible light of the day. This time of day is considered the “magic hour” in photography and provides beautiful & warm lighting. (If this time of day is not possible with my client’s schedule, then we usually do early morning instead.)

Newborn sessions will typically start in the morning or early afternoon at your home, whenever your house has the best light available.

3. What should I wear?

I suggest wearing clothes that reflect your personality and make you feel most comfortable.  However, I will say that brightly colored clothing usually creates the most beautiful photos and really helps you stand out from your surroundings.  It is usually best to mix neutral colors (black, grey, tan, white) with more bold & bright colors. Choosing 1-2 common accent colors that you all wear for your session will help the photo look interesting and put together. I recommend wearing outfits that don’t necessarily “match”, but coordinate and complement each other well.  In group photos, don’t be afraid to mix up the look with some people in solids, some in print, and some in plaid/stripes! Use accessories like scarves, jewelry, & belts to help bring in that pop of color as well. If you would like to see examples of what I am referring to, go to and search for “photography clothing ideas” to see examples of coordinating oufits for all different seasons.

We usually have time for a change of clothes if you choose, so feel free to bring a casual oufit and dressy outfit if you would like. Please be aware of your body type and choose clothes that show off your best qualities, yet are modest. Fitted clothes will photograph much better than really loose, baggy clothes. Shirts with sleeves often make arms look more flattering as well. Overall, wear what will be comfy and reflects YOU!

4.  When will we get to see our pictures?

My usual turnaround time for a portrait session is 2 weeks.  Once complete, you will be able to view all your images online & will receive your dvd of images in the mail!

5.  What camera do you use?

I am a Canon girl. I love the beautiful, sharp, & colorful photos that Canon is famous for creating. My camera body is a 5d Mark II and I most often use my 24-105mm & 50mm lenses for my portrait photography!

6. Do you use props in your sessions?

I do provide some props for my newborn sessions. These items include mainly blankets/scarves for wrapping baby. We can also utilize any props you have in your home that you would like to use. I tend to take a more “natural approach” with props and generally only use items that will help enhance the baby’s features and not distract. I want the main focus to be all those precious newborn baby features! I have moved to exclusively using lifestyle photography with my newborns, which tends to focus more on photographing baby and the family in their natural setting, without the use of big props or stylized posing of baby. If you want more information on my newborn sessions, please feel free to contact me!

For all other types of sessions, you are welcome to bring any props you might want to use in your session. I ask that you please notify me of any props you would like to use, so I can include them in the planning & design of your session. The right props can be a welcome addition to a session if they enhance & give personality, while not distracting from the people in the photo.

7. What happens if I need to reschedule my session?

If you have scheduled a family portrait session and someone in your family becomes ill, please feel free to contact me to reschedule your session. I want your family at their best and feeling like themselves the day of your session so that I can capture them as they truly are. If you need to reschedule your session for any other reason, please do so 48 hours in advance. If the weather is not cooperative the day of your scheduled session, I will gladly reschedule to another day… since we all know we can’t control this fickle Texas weather!

8. Do we get permission to print the photos you give us on our DVD?

Yes, you will receive a copy of a “limited copyright release” letter on your DVD, which gives you permission to print the photos yourself.

9. What are your terms & conditions?

Katie Hembree Photography reserves the right to use or reproduce any image from the work performed for any purpose including, but not limited to advertising, sales, print and online publishing. Katie Hembree Photography retains all copyright interests arising from the work performed. All content on this website is also protected by federal copyright laws and the use or reproduction of any such content, without the permission of Katie Hembree Photography is strictly prohibited.